Readers from across the country are engaged in a story that could happen in any town. Here is a sampling of comments about The Curse:

“Steele’s narrative plays out through a family with intriguing genealogy and local townspeople whose lives are impacted by embezzlement, organized crime, international finance and political corruption. In addition to being a riveting read, the value of his work lies in its timeliness. Those who are undecided about the value of casino gambling should sit down and read this fascinating account of what can happen when good people make bad decisions—or bad people are given more credibility than they deserve.”
—Ken Dooley, Rhode Island

“Suspenseful, lyrical, and enlightening.”
—Evan Hoorneman, Massachusetts

The Curse is a must read! I bought two copies for my library, started loaning my personal copy, and I still have a waiting list for this book. The reviews by patrons at our library are: ‘Excellent,’ ‘You have to read this book,’ ‘I couldn’t put this book down,’ and more.”
—C. Kolar, Director, Sprague Public Library, Connecticut

“Weaves mystery, political intrigue, historical narrative and drama masterfully into a well-rounded, hard-to-put-down story. It carries the reader on an emotional roller coaster, constantly challenging one to question where one stands and what one would do in similar highly-complex personal and emotional situations.”
—Dane McSpedon, New York

“It’s incredibly well researched. Most of all, it is timely—a metaphor for the corruption and lack of common sense that we need to fix in our country.”
—Peter Hagerman, California

“Steele offers up a drama with a steady hand, laced with intriguing history, empathy for America’s Indians, and keen insight into a contemporary issue that is seriously impacting our society and culture.”
—Dean Dexter, New Hampshire

“Fascinating and spellbinding.”
—John A. Henry, Pennsylvania

“A great deal of the joy of the read was how deeply I became involved with the lead character, Josh, and his family, and I was totally surprised by the unexpected twists. The author seemed to slip easily into the minds and bodies of many of the cast, male and female, young and old, as he takes you on a fictional ride of a true event and leaves you thinking about the potential devastation to any community on a more personal level.”
—Suzanne Moore, Texas

“The course of the book would delight many a grand prix driver with its many twists and turns, and at the end of it all you will be left with a story that lingers in the mind long after it’s been put on the shelf.”
—D. Pennock, Vermont

“Steele masterfully integrated ‘fact’ and ‘fiction’ into a blend which informed and interested this reader until the last line of the book. He managed some important historic flashbacks which seemed natural and advanced the intriguing plot. I wonder how Steele might handle another novel.”
—Kathy D’Arte, Ohio

“Steele captures the enormous seductiveness of casino gambling in this hard-to-put-down novel about a family’s fight to stop a phony Indian tribe and its wealthy investors from building a casino in a small New England town. The story intertwines history, corruption, and a fascinating touch of the paranormal in a series of twists and turns that that don’t stop till the very end. Not only a compelling read, but an extremely thought-provoking look at greed and government’s role in spreading casino gambling across the country. Disney has so far blocked casino gambling in Florida, but one wonders how long it can prevail.”
—John Barton, Florida

“I have to say I was very skeptical that I would enjoy a book about casinos and gambling. However, from the first to last page I couldn’t put the book down. I have always felt a deep connection with my ancestors [and] reading the old stories I feel like the character in your book. Thank you for the great story!”
—L. Diehl, Tennessee

“While anyone who has ever challenged a casino in their community or state will deeply identify with this story, readers whose conscience has yet to be awakened about the issue will experience how casinos profoundly impact the life of a community.”
—Les Bernal, Washington, D.C.

The Curse is compelling reading. As one reads the novel, the similarities between what happened in Connecticut and is now happening in North Carolina are unmistakable. In fact, the novel seems like a playbook for what is currently playing out in North Carolina. Steele does a great job of weaving together the history of the past with actions of today.”
—Samuel P. Troy, North Carolina

“Extraordinary. The Curse is a masterfully plotted and haunting novel about the arrival of casino gambling in New England and its impact on an old-line Connecticut family. It’s the kind of story that stays in your consciousness and makes you shake your head over the shortsightedness of the people who are leading us. A page-turner that will really make you think.”
—C. G. Olsen,  Minnesota

“A Reading Jackpot! The Curse is a well crafted novel set in a New England town built upon a white European conquest and now confronted by the prospect of ‘payback’ in a proposed Native American casino. The resultant collision of greed and self-sacrifice, of self-interest and the common good provide the reader with a vivid landscape in which to decide whether gambling is a blessing or a curse.”
—Tom Grey, Washington State

The Curse tells a story that needs to be told.  Casinos benefit (some of) the native populations but the gambling they bring to a community is ruinous for everyone else.  Thanks for a good read!”
—Suzanne Karsen, Michigan

“Spot on. A trenchant tale of corrosive human weakness and greed capped by political and moral hubris. Mr. Steele’s work unfolded the massive fraud inflicted on the citizens of Connecticut by its slide into casino gambling. A sad recitation of a national tragedy . . . casino gambling, whether Indian or ‘other.’”
—John W. Brainard, Idaho

“The Curse really hit home for me. As an intensive care unit nurse who became addicted to slots when my state government put them near my home, the book reveals how predatory gambling has metastasized onto Main Street in America. The book is both relevant and alarming.”
—M. Litchfield, Illinois

“As a resident of Arizona, I found the book important as it helps clarify the devastating impact of casino gambling on the unwitting populace, politicians and the gamblers themselves. While his story is centered in New England, Mr. Steele deserves recognition for identifying the scourge of Indian casinos and the corruption and loss they cause in many other areas of the country.  After reading The Curse, it will be hard to pass by the many casinos in our state without remembering the fact that the casinos benefit few but hurt many.”
—S.E.B.-Hansen, Arizona

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