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Guilford Smith Memorial Library, South Windham, CT
Our library had the pleasure of hosting former Connecticut Congressman, Robert Steele, for our stop on the Connecticut Author Trail this week. He spoke about his new novel, The Curse: Big Time Gambling’s Seduction of a Small New England Town. His presentation was a huge hit with our audience. He packed the library and was kind enough to stay and answer questions from our patrons. His talk was incredibly interesting and he read from his book as well. It was a wonderful evening spent with a great speaker and author.

Afton Seal, Director
Guilford Smith Memorial Library
South Windham, CT

Oliver Wolcott Library, Litchfield, CT
I know other librarians have posted and I’ll add my name to the list that Bob Steele is an excellent author to bring to your library. His novel, The Curse Big-Time Gambling’s Seduction of a Small New England Town will bring out an audience. We have vibrant author series here, and I had several patrons comment that Bob Steele was one of the best presenters we have ever had. Great event for your patrons.

Ann Marie White, Director
Oliver Wolcott Library
Litchfield, CT

Tuxedo, NY Casino Forum
Thank you again for your presentation in Tuxedo last week. Your visit here was inspirational!

Rodger Friedman
Tuxedo, NY

General Electric Senior Elfuns, Fairfield County, CT 
Thank you for a truly enlightening, sobering and thought-provoking presentation.  The feedback was uniformly warm and enthusiastic.

Frank Donovan, Chairman
General Electric Senior Elfuns

Quinnipiac University, Hamden, CT
Thank you so much for coming to my International Business MBA class at Quinnipiac and for the very informative talk. My students were so interested that the session took longer than planned. It was fascinating and we all enjoyed it.

Professor Farid Sadrieh
Quinnipiac University School of Business
Hamden, CT

No Casinos in the Capital District, Albany, NY
Thanks again for coming to Albany to make last week’s presentation at our No Casinos Town Hall. To have a person with your background and experience, as well as your encyclopedic knowledge of this issue, speak for our side was tremendously helpful. We really appreciate what you’ve done for us.

Stephen Hayford, Chair
No Casinos in the Capital District

Pittsfield, MA Rotary Club
Thanks for coming today and speaking about the casino issue. It was a great talk and it started a great conversation amongst our members after the meeting.

John Reynolds, Program Chair
Rotary Club of Pittsfield

Bethlehem, NY Community Voices
Thank you for an informative and persuasive presentation. If I ever paused to wonder if I was on the right side of this, you erased any concerns. Last night the Bethlehem Town Board passed a resolution to oppose the Exit 23 casino as well as any other in the Capital District. Twenty-two spoke out against while one spoke in favor. Except for the four men in dark suits who sat and applauded only once for that sole supporter, no one else there was in favor.

Pam Skripak
Bethlehem Community Voices

Wakefield, RI Rotary Club
Thanks ever so much for a wonderful presentation yesterday at our Rotary Club meeting. I can attest that you were one of our best speakers with valuable information this year!

Beth Leconte, Past President
Wakefield Rotary Club

Salisbury, CT  Rotary Club
Thank you for a brilliant presentation.

Lance Beizer, President
Salisbury Rotary Club

Tiverton Public Library, Tiverton, RI
Thanks, Bob. You gave an excellent talk and I received raves about it from the patrons afterwards.

Prudence Fallon, Director
Tiverton Public Library

New Hampshire Legislative Luncheon
We were so very pleased with your presentation on Wednesday. My colleague Henry Veilleux was at a dinner last night and one legislator told him, “Your luncheon  speaker was so compelling he doesn’t understand how anyone could even consider voting for the bill.”

Brian Beihl, Casino Free New Hampshire
Concord, NH

Geneva, New York Casino Forum
Your talk last Saturday in Geneva was terrific!

Stephen Shafer, M.D.
Chairman, Coalition Against Gambling in New York

Noah Webster Library, West Hartford, CT 
Great program! We are all grateful, and hope to see you again soon.

Joseph Cadieux
West Hartford (CT) Public Library

New Canaan, CT  Senior Men’s Club

Thank you for your visit and presentation earlier today.  Your presentation, both in content and style, was one of the best we have had.  You heard that yourself from our members.  You provide a great service with your book and presentations.

Michael Glazer
New Canaan (CT) Senior Men’s Club

MILE Advisory Board, Middlesex, CT
Our members enjoyed your outstanding, well-researched talk to the Middlesex Institute for Lifelong Education—it was an eye-opener. Also, your Q & A session proved to be very informative, adding much to a very special afternoon. The time and expertise you have given to our program is greatly appreciated.

The MILE Advisory Board
Middlesex (CT) Community College

Windsor, CT Historical Society
You gave a terrific presentation last evening, linking history so effectively with an issue that is timely and scary to many of us.”

Christine Ermenc, Executive Director
Windsor, CT Historical Society

Windsor, CT Historical Society
I was dazzled by your  presentation last evening at Windsor Historical Society. I posted the book cover and comments on several of the Facebook sites I am involved in—including one all and only about Connecticut—where I wrote:

“Robert H. Steele at Windsor Historical Society last evening was perfectly inspirational. Articulate, engaging, generous-spirited and someone who obviously cares deeply about Connecticut and is worried about the trap we set for ourselves when our own government aggressively promotes conduct that so obviously and persuasively preys on the weakest among us. . . .”

William Hosley, Windsor, CT

Worcester, MA Rotary Club
Thank you for an amazing eye-opening presentation and fabulous book!

Grisha Voykhansky
Worcester Rotary Club

United Parish of Auburndale, Newtown, MA
As someone who has thought deeply about how to talk and write about this issue, I was astonished by how much information and context you are able to impart in 20 minutes!

Melissa Wylie
United Parish of Auburndale (MA)

Woburn, MA Rotary Club
Great talk to the Woburn Rotary!

Arthur L. Duffy
Woburn Rotary Club

Wilbraham-Hampden, MA Rotary Club
One of the best presentations we’ve had.

Brad Sperry
Wilbraham-Hampden Rotary Club, MA

Russell Library, Middletown, CT
Last Saturday we hosted Bob Steele who discussed his recent novel The Curse: Big-Time Gambling’s Seduction of a Small New England Town. His presentation was superb as he talked about all facets of the effects of gambling, from economics to addiction (particularly in Connecticut). The audience was mesmerized and inspired to speak about their personal and professional experiences. Bob did a great job of fielding questions and representing both pros and cons. He brought copies of his book to sign and sell. He does not charge for the program; the content was priceless.

Suzanne Elliot
Russell Library
Middletown, CT

Mansfield Public Library, Mansfield, CT
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful presentation you made at the Mansfield Public Library last Thursday evening. The topic of your presentation and book is extremely timely. It was very enlightening to hear how this phenomena started in Connecticut, how it is faring today and how it might play out in the future. You certainly are familiar with the these issues and you are doing great public service by informing so many concerned citizens of this state.

I was pleased with the turnout we had and hope you were as well.  I have received positive feedback from members of the audience as well. I  look forward to reading your book when it becomes available. Our copy is continuously circulating and patrons are enjoying the read.

Margaret L. McCarthy
Mansfield, CT Public Library

Chariho Rotary, Charlestown, Richmond, Hopkinton, and Exeter, RI 
Your presentation was exemplary and well received by our members.

Jeanne A. Abate, President-Elect
Chariho, RI Rotary

Boston Casino Town Hall
Thank you for speaking at our casino symposium on July 7. Your words were eloquent, informed, and very well-received.

Don Berwick
Massachusetts Gubernatorial Candidate

West Hartford, CT Regents
Many members commented that your talk was one of the most interesting we’ve ever had.

Stanley Sokolow
West Hartford, CT Regents Club

Simsbury, CT Retired Men
Thank you again for speaking to the Simsbury Retired Men’s Luncheon yesterday about casinos. Your message about the industry was riveting.

Dianne E. Arakawa
Transitional Senior Minister
First Church of Christ, UCC
Simsbury, CT

Torrington, CT Library
Good afternoon fellow librarians!
Robert Steele spoke at the Torrington a few evenings ago about his new novel, The Curse: Big Time Gambling’s Seduction of a Small New England Town. He gave a fantastic talk and a very in-depth question and answer segment, which the audience enjoyed thoroughly. We had a good turnout and patrons gave nothing but positive feedback at the end of the program.
If you’re looking for a good author discussion/program, I urge you to reach Mr. Steele.

Jessica Hodorski
Program Coordinator
Torrington, CT Library

Southington, CT Library
How did Connecticut become the home of the two of largest casinos in the world? Southington patrons learned some of the ?how, who, what and why of Connecticut?s interest in tribal owned gambling casinos from former Congressman Robert H. Steele. Steele visited Southington Library last evening to discuss his first novel, The Curse, a “factional” tale of Connecticut casinos. The audience was captivated by Mr. Steele’s command of Connecticut history from the time of the massacre of the Indians to the most recent history making events surrounding the Connecticut tribes. Having lived in Ledyard for 21 years, during the period of the events leading to the casinos, he had a front row seat to the changes around his community. I highly recommend Mr. Steele as a speaker who has tremendous historic knowledge to share.

Jeanne Chmielewski
Publicist/Adult Program Coordinator
Southington, CT Library

Essex, CT Library
Former Connecticut Congressman Robert Steele spoke at the Essex Library last night about his new novel, The Curse: Big Time Gambling’s Seduction of a Small New England Town, and gave a terrifically informed and interesting talk about the impact of casino gambling on Connecticut, in addition to reading from his book. VERY good turnout, and the audience loved him. The hardest part was getting them out?everyone wanted to stay and chat with him. If you’re looking for a good author talk with a local slant, contact him.

Jenny Tripp
The Essex, CT Library

Westport, CT Rotary Club
Thank you for taking time from your hectic schedule and braving the cold to speak to the Westport Rotarians this past Tuesday. The members hung on your every word!  Almost to a person, the comment was that they wished to hear more and were disappointed the time flew by so quickly. It was a pleasure meeting you and again. Thank you for exposing issues that many have not considered relative to “Gaming.”
Tony Riggio, President
Westport Rotary Club

Edith Wheeler Memorial Library, Monroe, CT
I don’t know if I properly thanked you for a very informative evening on Monday July 29th. Attendees still stop me to share how much you enlightened them on the history of casino gambling in the state. They “could have listened to you all night”!

Thank you again and we look forward to your next book!

Nicole Cignoli
Reference Librarian
Edith Wheeler Memorial Library
Monroe, CT